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I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about “The Ter’roc”, so… I decided I would elaborate a bit on it.

Originally the “The Ter’roc” was a short story (which you will find in Ruins of the Mind coming out this June) I wrote. Now, this is one of those many stories I’ve written that literally took on a life all it’s own. I had originally envisioned a small story about a tom-boy fourteen-year-old who discovers this centipede looking creature that is an ancient species that has been here for tens of thousands of years.

However, like so many of my writings, this one took off in a direction all it’s own. Instead of this centipede creature, the ter’roc became this ancient alien race which created humans by combining their DNA with the DNA of indigenous primates on Earth. Not exactly a new theory. However, the direction it went in, quickly became a new concept. These creatures and where they are from… and how they came to be is what was particularly fascinating to me. The ter’roc had a sister species which evolved on their planet and is symbiotic to them. I found this interesting, compelling and I also found a way that added a whole new twist in how it connected with us (humans).

I’ve always been facinated by sci-fi, but this story quickly made itself apparent to me that I wasn’t dealing with a simple sci-fi story. I was creating something that would have sci-fi, sci-fact, history, philosophy, religion and more. I quickly found it captivating to me, both as it’s creator but as a reader as well. The characters grew in my heart and I just knew that this would become an entire novel (more likely a series). The ter’roc are a species that are facinating, intelligent, loving, yet flawed; and conencted to themselves, thier planet, our planet and us in ways that just can not be explained in one blog article.

So, “The Ter’roc” (working title) the novel was born (though I am not completely set on the title yet).

I truly believe that nearly everyone will find something that they love about the ter’roc. Whether it’s sci-fi, romance, history or philosophy… there is something that suits everyone. I look forward to the world’s opinions about the book once it’s released. If you want a taste of it, purchase “Ruins of the Mind“. You will find the short story is actually two chapters within the novel.

If you still want to know more about the ter’roc, check out my ter’roc faq page.

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