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“This novel turns the crime/thriller genre on its head…an intriguing idea, that someone’s early upbringing, complemented by a deep experience a little later in life, could result in the creation of a ‘monster’ who kills—but not indiscriminately. If you are at all interested in the psychology of a killer, this book is a must!”
— Kath Middleton, Ignite Books/Goodreads

“Stadtlander’s writing is excellent. Not only is it entertaining, but it draws you in, painting a visual of the lead detective and his State Police counterpart. As a writer, he brings the characters to life, injecting a level of realism while still developing the intriguing psychology behind a complex serial killer. I have to wonder if anything like this has ever really happened, eluding law enforcement. After reading this book, one never knows. A very well written and intriguing story.”
— Zach Fortier, Crime/Thriller Author

“Mr. Stadtlander writes with perfection—the first-person perspective of the hunter—and takes you inside the inner workings of a sociopath’s damaged psyche. The sins of one twisted soul have tainted the hunter, thus breeding a killer, a vicious murderer who could have easily been the predator stalking innocence, but opted to attempt to save it instead.”
— Ashley Fontainne, Thriller Author


(Five Stars) Incredible moving stories – June 25, 2012 – James Thompson

“Okay, first let me say that I have never been a big short story fan. My friend recommended that I read this as she had read part of the book from a free preview that the author had. So I bought it yesterday.

Honestly – I haven’t been able to put it down. The first story “feathers in the wind” captivated me, made me cry (ashamed to admit) and I couldn’t help but love the two characters Jake and Gwen. The lantern (next story) was lighter and more fun. I’ve only read three of the stories but really have enjoyed what I have read so far and look forward to reading the rest over the next couple days (I’m a slow reader).

The author (Jason) has a natural gift for prose and character development, despite the fact that these are short stories. I am really hoping I can find more work by him, though I have only been able to find this book.”

(Five Stars) I just love this book! – July 7, 2012 – Ignite

“I have grown to enjoy short stories much more since I bought my kindle and this must be one of the best collections around. They are different from one another in style but they all have something in common. They have ‘real’ characters, protagonists who have feelings, needs, with whom you empathise. My heart was in my mouth with some of these stories and the subjects dealt with are not easy ones – cancer in a young mother, death of a parent etc. The author is very good at getting into the minds of children. Several of these stories feature youngsters and they and their worries are taken seriously. Some stories have an ‘otherworldly’ element to them. Fantasy, miracle, magic? – whatever you want to call it, there’s just a little sprinkling of its dust on the edge of the tale which is quite uplifting.

The author tells us at the end of the book that he intends to turn one of them into a longer work. I look forward to this. It is a story with considerable potential and many unanswered questions. Jason Stadtlander writes with intelligence and passion and this is communicated to the reader. I just love this book!”

 (Five Stars) Caused me to rethink my reading tastes – July 4, 2012 – Ashrae

“Firstly I don’t really enjoy short stories. Secondly I don’t really enjoy most of the genres represented…
But blow me down if I didn’t totally enjoy these shorts from Mr Stadtlander.
This anthology is certainly an eclectic mix and again, unlike most other anthologies I have downloaded, I actually enjoyed each and every story. Usually shorts leave me unfulfilled in some way, either by the story not finishing properly, finishing too soon, too rushed at the end etc, but these stories were all perfectly balanced. They were also very well written and all (well nearly all) neatly concluded. They also managed to evoke strong emotions in me which, again for such short stories is something personally rather unusual.

I say nearly all, my favourite in the book The Ter’roc ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger, but I believe from the author that his intention is to develop this story into a novel at some point and tbh I cant wait to read that.

I really enjoyed the author’s style and use of language too. I am also very impressed with his character development especially considering the length of the pieces and obviously limited time to flesh them out.

All in all, Mr Stadtlander is definitely going on my “one to keep an eye on” list.”

(Five Stars) Thought about even after reading – Addicted 2 Books – July 4, 2012

“This collection of heartwarming stories makes the reader pause after each story and just wonder. I enjoyed these stories very much and found myself still thinking about them after having read them.
These short stories range from supernatural quests and sci-fi discoveries to emotional dramas that made me want to cry. Readers who love all different types of genres would enjoy these stories very much. They seem almost real because of the author’s great writing skills and imagination.
Two stories that stood out to me were Feathers in the wind and the glass pyramid. Others such as The Lantern left me smiling and it was a pleasure to have read it.

The first story is entitled Feathers in the Wind. It tells the side of the tragic 911 event from the passenger’s point of view that was in the plane that crashed into the towers. It was well written and started out a happy ordinary story about an elderly woman and a man heading home to be with their loved ones but ended with a sad tone that left me thinking about that part in our history that has scared us all for life. It was a sad story in the end but a great thing to have read and experienced.
The Glass Pyramid was a beautiful story about a family that kept a close bond throughout the years. It had a sci- fi element to it that was refreshing and made the story even sweeter to read. This story proved that monsters didn’t have to be involved for magic to be present, and the best magic in this was the love of a family.

I recommend this collection of stories to a reader of any age that loves dramas and want to read and feel emotion along with the characters. There were a few stories that weren’t all that memorable to me but they could be perfect to someone that prefers subtle tales that opens the mind to different possibilities in life.

A review by Leah de Wet”




Margareta L. – Massachusetts – June 25, 2012

I smiled through the entire short story The Lantern. It’s the kind of fiction that you wish were real and could happen to you one day as well. Reading it also made me feel good about life, contrary to most other books I read these days. You are a truly gifted writer, Jason, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the short stories in your book and other books to come!”


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