The Building of Stonehenge – Excerpt from: The Ter’roc: Evolution

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United Kingdom, 2,856 B.C.

The caravan proceeded slowly over the rolling hills of the large British isle across the countryside that would one day be called the Preseli Hills. There were six horses leading the caravan. The two trailing horses of the six pulled a large wooden cart with solid wood wheels that Iodocus sat upon with his co-bogadh Seisyll. They were both in a hypnotic state, focusing on the massive stone that floated behind the cart. Each took turns in thirty-minute shifts, concentrating on the levitation of the forty-foot slab.

Light as a feather, bright as a star. Iodocus thought in a half trance, seeing not a massive stone floating behind them, but rather a loose feather that he kept moving in his mind from side to side to catch the wind just right and keep the stone afloat as it followed the caravan. There were five other similar caravans following suit across the hills toward the site of the ancient circle.

Iodocus was one of seventy from three different tribes who had been taught the old ways passed down through ancient times through the knowledge of the fathers. The Bogadhs had been taught that the power of the mind could move objects much larger than anything a normal man could move. It took years of training and mental discipline to learn bogadh and as such, those who mastered the technique were highly revered.

The teams were part of a collective group. The group followed the path laid out by their families who believed that long ago they were given instructions to build a bogadh structure that would one day send a message to the heavens. Detailed drawings on stone tablets had been kept for hundreds of years in the families that laid out how stones were to be cut, what materials they must be made from and how they must be aligned with the stars.

Although Iodocus and his brethren did not completely understand the full breStonehengeadth of their project, it was an honor to serve on it and help to build it to its completion. Only the high priests of each village knew the full plan to be laid out in the circle of what would one day be Wiltshire, England and how it would connect with the already old structure in Sí an Bhrú in the future land of Ireland. Sí an Bhrú had been built almost five hundred years before.

There was very little left of the timber circle that had been created many generations ago in the circle that Idocus was to place the new stones in. They did not know then that the wooden circle would both rot and fail to truly focus the bogadh energy. So for two generations Iodocus’s tribe had searched with two neighboring groups of people to find stones that would truly work for the structure, and only in these western shores had they been able to find them. It was decided that the teams would cut out the massive stones using groups comprising hundreds of workers with seventy people in the caravans to transport the stones to the circle where they would once again be cut into many less cumbersome pieces and maneuvered into place.


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