Lucy – A Movie Review

WARNING: Spoilers

Sitting in the movie theater a little more than a year ago I had the pleasure of seeing a movie trailer for the film “Lucy”. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see it at the time of it’s release but recently had a chance to see it on iTunes.

Although Lucy is most deLucy-Posterfinitely a science fiction movie, it also digs it’s heels deep into philosophy and science fact.

The premise of the movie fascinated me because of it’s science bending potential and subject matter that I have written myself in The Ter’roc. A film that concentrates on what might be if we were able to harness the full power of the human brain. It is a well known that a large number of scientists believe that humans generally use only about 10% of their brain. What people don’t know is that this is also a contentious statement among the scientific community. There are many doctors and scientists that believe that we only use 10% and there are also many who believe that we use 100%, we just lack the ability to measure the full potential of the human mind.

That being said, Lucy delves into the concept that a drug can unlock the potential for the human brain never before conceived.

In short, I loved the movie – but I didn’t like the development of the character of Lucy by the writer. Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman were brilliant in their portrayals of the characters within the confines of the screenplay that was written.

What I have a very difficult time accepting is that as the human mind utilizes a higher percentage – that we would lose emotions. Lucy essentially has the ability to turn off pain in all forms. That I can accept and that seems like a very viable thing with enhanced brain utilization. However, emotions, that which sets us apart so much from our other Earth dwelling organisms… I just find it unbelievable that we would be stripped of that the more powerful we become. If anything, I would believe that our emotions would raise an even higher awareness for the universe around us.

Luc Besson (the writer) did an amazing job with his research and writing of the screen play, but he chose to take the “logic” route of where we would go if given higher mental power rather than that of “heart” and “compassion”. It is our compassion, which sets us apart from everything. That same compassion is in our cousins, the dolphin and dogs and cats. I think we just have a much higher understanding of emotions and how they can drive us (or tear us apart).

Lucy is in my opinion a must see movie, but it should be taken with a grain of salt. Stand back and evaluate for yourself, what ‘feels’ like the correct progression of the human mind if given unlimited freedom and unlimited ability to grow and utilize?

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