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Jason is a native of Ohio who currently lives in northern Massachusetts with his family. He has been writing since he was in sixth grade when he wrote “Loss of Innocence,” a short story about a teddy bear that is alive but slowly deteriorates as his owner and lifelong companion grows up and loses his imagination.

It was at this point in his life that Jason knew he wanted to write. He enjoyed the magic of being able to create a unique world full of new realities in his mind–one that nobody had ever seen before. Since then, Jason has written over 150 short stories.

This entrepreneur has recently added the titles of author and publisher to his long list of professional credentials. He has been working in information technology since 1995 and offers lectures to parents on computer and internet safety. A working author, Jason enjoys connecting with his readers through book signings, speaking engagements and various media venues.

Jason is also a professional voice over artist and singer. Much of his video narration is performed by himself as well as his audio-books.






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