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“Educating our children (on technology) is critical, but ensuring today’s parents understand that technology is even more critical to being a parent in today’s society.”
Jason Stadtlander

Overcoming Fear

Parents and grandparents alike do it all the time; They can’t figure out how to work a program or piece of technology, so they ask their child to help them. It’s normal, we all learn much easier when we are younger. Along the way, fear sets in – fear of breaking the technology and not knowing how to fix it.

I work with parents and grandparents to help you overcome the fears that you have learned and to understand the underlying threats that are out there for our children.

Social Networking

Social networking has become a foundation for how we interact with others in today’s society. As business users it enables us to reach out to prospective clients, keep up with our customers and maintain a level of awareness that was previously unavailable to us.

For children, it allows them to keep in contact with the immediate goings on with their friends, keep up-to-date with activities and sports and let others know what is going on in their life. The ability for children to be social is important for their growth into adults. Our role as parents is to know:

  • Who they are talking to
  • What they are talking about
  • What others are saying to our children

…and we cannot effectively do this unless we know and understand the programs and technology our children are using.


During my speeches I frequently invite law enforcement or other individuals trained in the prevention and education of cyber-bullying.

Children and Mobile Phones

Today’s child frequently needs mobile phones. Is it a necessity? No. But with our need as parents to have complete awareness of where our children are and what they are doing, parents frequently purchase mobile phones for children.

It is however one thing to buy a phone for a child and a whole different thing to give them a phone and blindly allow them to do whatever they want with it. This is where educating yourself on the available technology is key (including educating yourself with your child)

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