Publishing The Ter’roc: Evolution through Fundly… Why?

Crowd funding gets a bad rap at times, especially when it comes to publishing. I have critics ask me “Why crowd fund your book to get it out? Don’t you know it makes you look bad?”

My question is: Why does it make it look bad?

book_smallI have three novels completed: “The Ter’roc: Evolution“, “The Father” (sequel to The Steel Van Man) and “Life’s a Reck” (a new thriller). I have sent queries to 1,238 literary agents and over 1,000 queries to publishers directly. Out of those thousands, perhaps 5% of them have responded back that they are not interested. The rest I have never heard from.

Meanwhile, I have fans who have read Ruins of the Mind and The Steel Van Man, that are eager to read more of my work. I am an author which also means until A) A publishing house picks me up or B) One of my novels suddenly becomes popular… I do not have much money and thus no means to pay for the editing, PR and design work that is required to get the book out to the public.

In a nutshell, I don’t care if it makes me look bad to crowd fund. If it means that I can create my worlds and get them out to my readers, then that is all that really matters. Editors and public relation people don’t work for free (even if I have to). Keep in mind, I don’t make a dime – spending months writing a book for my readers and I am well aware (as are most authors) that I may never see a profit. But, I’m not doing this for the profit. I’m doing it because I love creating worlds and people that don’t exist and bringing them to life, even making them larger than life.

So, what does this Fundly campaign pay for?

The campaign, can be found here:

Well, let me first be clear that none of it goes to me. Here is the breakdown on where the full $5500.00 goes to:

$3000.00 – Editing
$2000.00 – Public Relations
$500.00 – Cover and Interior Design

Anything above the $5,500.00 will go straight to PR to get the word out even more about the book.

Supporting the Arts

People go to the Museum of Fine Arts, visiting libraries, donating to art scholarships and supporting art in our schools and abroad. I personally strongly believe in supporting art in all forms. It’s critical to support the creativity of our society, both with  education and creative endeavors.

Donating to this campaign doesn’t just get a book out, it helps introduce a fictional world of never before seen alien species the Ter’roc and the Ishkan to readers world-wide. These two species are ancient beyond anything we can imagine, having seeded our planet eons ago with the hominid species that would one day become modern man. These aliens helped to incorporate morals, religions, beliefs and taught us how to harness the power of nature and technology. Now a threat is presented far greater than anything we could have ever imagined and the ter’roc and ishkan must make themselves known to us, to help us overcome this new threat.

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