The Steel Van Man

In a sleepy coastal town north of Boston, a serial killer is murdering select victims, couples mostly. Intriguingly, however, this brutal hunter serves a higher calling. At the outset, there is no discernible thread of reason connecting the killings. So Stan enlists the help of his longtime friend from Marblehead, Detective Mark Brown. Devonshire is certain he is close to solving the cases stacking up on his desk, but in his attempt to identify the illusive killer, will he or someone close to him become the hunter’s next prey?

Ruins of the Mind: An Anthology

hen Jake and Gwen traveled to the airport together, they took a quick liking to each other. Read about their experiences as you are put into their shoes in this touching story about the events of American Airlines Flight 11 during the attacks of 9/11 in “Feathers in the Wind”.Read these stories and many others…Includes the following stories: * The Lantern * Feathers In The Wind * The Glass Pyramid * In The Shadows Of A Moment * The Ter roc * Chance Don t Lose Your Head * Springtime Roses * The Sheadroch * Surviving The Messengers * Downward Spiral

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