Those Precious Beautiful, Brutal Words

Those Precious Beautiful, Brutal Words

Those Precious Beautiful, Brutal Words 150 150 Jason Stadtlander

Written WordsWhat is in the written word?

I write because I enjoy it. Words are a powerful, sometimes life changing, love changing thing, be they written or spoken. I will admit that spoken words have more power for me simply because emotional context can be very difficult to draw upon within the written word if not well thought out. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy writing dialog and expressing my characters more through what they say than to describe them.

Mood and Tone

Consequently, I have found that my words (as well the words of others) can bring about great beauty or terrible pain. It is all in the eyes of the beholder and sometimes depends on your own personal mood at the moment that you read something.

If you are feeling very down and you read a single sentence it may not be hard to take that sentence in context that brings you down even more. Whereas if you are in a very good mood and having a wonderful day, you may see the same sentence in a much lighter tone.

Both Sides of the Coin

I have been on both sides of the coin. I have received hurtful comments and statements and I have heard things that made me smile or feel good about myself. There are those that purposefully seek out things that are either painful or positive to read. Usually because they are looking to feel that powerful emotion over and over again.

Words that hurt

You will find in my writing that I choose to spatter my stories with both positive and negative. Nothing that that I write is ever an attack or directly there to lift you up or depress you, but in its own way does lift you and lower you as you read along. “Feathers in the Wind” is a prime example of such a story. It’s written on a very difficult moment in history yet finds the beauty and joy of the moment.

One thing we have all been through in life, is the use of words with the (possibly unintentional) purpose to to drive down our self esteem to make the other person feel better. Verbal abuse and bullying. I think we have all encountered it from time to time and its a use of words which I find petty, hurtful and lacking purpose other than the selfish gratification of being able to bury someone with emotional distress.

Humor and Thought

You will find that I usually strive to achieve three goals with my writing.

  1. To make you think.
  2. To make you smile.
  3. To make you ‘feel’ something – sometimes its sadness, sometimes its happiness, and sometimes its pain.

Now, is that something I am consciously thinking about when I write? No. It is something that I do actually for myself (making myself feel something or ‘think’ something)… you as the reader just have the luxury of feeling those viral words and emotions pass along to you.

So, when you write, what do you do? Do you write for no other reason than to express your thoughts? Do you write to entertain? Do you write simply to jot down facts about something?

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