Twisted Thursday – Slow Children Leading the Blind Drivers

Twisted Thursday – Slow Children Leading the Blind Drivers

Twisted Thursday – Slow Children Leading the Blind Drivers 150 150 Jason Stadtlander

One might say that society as a whole, doesn’t have a personality, I would beg to differ. Not only does it have a personality, it has its own madness on a level that we don’t always perceive but notice from time to time.

Blind Drivers


Case in point, I drove up to an ATM a few days ago to find that the ATM had Braille on the buttons. I cautiously looked behind me for a blind man driving a car with a walking stick hanging out the window. Relieved that I didn’t see one, I took a deep breath, collected my cash and drove home.

On my way home, I saw a sign. Much to my dismay it broadcast an element that I really do not think needs to be advertised ‘Slow Children at Play’. Being a parent it upset me even more that it put a label on my children that I would never use.Slow Children

After grabbing my backpack I departed for the train station. On the platform was an ashtray mounted atop a trash can. Above the trash can reads a sign: “No smoking under penalty of law”. I get it, they are trying to tempt those crazy smokers into breaking the law so that they can haul them off I jail. How cruel.

While on the train, I pass Lynn Central Square train station. At the station on the right hand side sits a fake owl on top of a building. It’s intention, to scare away pigeons, a constant nuisance. I smiled as I saw one pigeon standing on its head while another sat in the nest parked right in front of the plastic bird. I’m not sure what’s more sad, the fact that a company actually produces those pathetic owls or the fact that someone bought one and took the time to place it there.

Having arrived in Boston I walked by a small park that had a sign stating “No Pets Allowed”, beneath that on the same pole was a smaller sign that declared “All pets must be on a leash.”. I’m assuming that they found someone who couldn’t read to hang the second sign.

Sadly my day continued on in this manner and around lunch I went out for a walk. As I approached a hotel I saw a sign that read “Please do not wear ice skates in the hotel”. Once again, I looked around, half expecting a figure skater to walk by. Knowing that there were no ice skating rinks within a mile and with a temperature outside of sixty five I was failing to see the logic of this sign. Clearly there must be enough skaters trying to come into the hotel to necessitate such a sign.

Of course I don’t really think any of these situations was intended as it appeared, however it brought to thought the fact that we really don’t always think before we place the ‘done’ stamp on things.

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