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Twisted Thursday – The Unknown X-Men

By November 22, 2012 No Comments

Having children opens your mind to all of the ridiculous and silly things that your mind can imagine. A prime example of just this type of absurdity happened a few days ago. As some of you know, I have two boys, one of which loves X-men (the series by Marvel Comics).

Well we decided to come up with the Unknown X-Men, also known as the S-Men. So, here are the results:

Gaseous РA rather large man who attacks his enemies by turning his backside toward them and releasing  gas, knocking them unconscious.

Rock Hound – A werewolf looking guy who slams his foot down on the ground causing ripples of stone and dirt to fly from the ground toward is enemy in waves of earth.

Halitosis РHe eats copious amounts of onions and garlic. Though he generally keeps his mouth closed, when he needs to attack, he breathes heavily on his enemy knocking them unconscious.

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Admiral Ackbar playing "Stunt Nose"

Admiral Ackbar playing “Stunt Nose”

Stunt Nose – Stunt Nose attacks by holding a nostril and spews liquids like a firehose towards his enemy.

Waxine – As her name suggests, she has the ability to use wax against her enemies, however it she extrudes the wax from her ears.

Gutbinder – Capable of opening his own abdomen, his intestines fly out and entangle his victims, strangling them and then recoiling back into his abdomen.

Spit Bull – This pit bull looking man, catapults spit balls at his enemy.

Wreckedum – Um yeah, I’ll just let your own imagination figure out his talent.

So, what sort of unknown X-men can you think of? Post it here in the comments area, here on my site.

(Oh, and for any legal eagles out there: X-Men is a registered trademark of Marvel Comics, Inc. all rights reserved.)[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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