Twisted Thursday – The Unknown X-Men

Twisted Thursday – The Unknown X-Men

Twisted Thursday – The Unknown X-Men 150 150 Jason Stadtlander

Having children opens your mind to all of the ridiculous and silly things that your mind can imagine. A prime example of just this type of absurdity happened a few days ago. As some of you know, I have two boys, one of which loves X-men (the series by Marvel Comics).

Well we decided to come up with the Unknown X-Men, also known as the S-Men. So, here are the results:

Gaseous – A rather large man who attacks his enemies by turning his backside toward them and releasing  gas, knocking them unconscious.

Rock Hound – A werewolf looking guy who slams his foot down on the ground causing ripples of stone and dirt to fly from the ground toward is enemy in waves of earth.

Halitosis – He eats copious amounts of onions and garlic. Though he generally keeps his mouth closed, when he needs to attack, he breathes heavily on his enemy knocking them unconscious.

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Admiral Ackbar playing "Stunt Nose"

Admiral Ackbar playing “Stunt Nose”

Stunt Nose – Stunt Nose attacks by holding a nostril and spews liquids like a firehose towards his enemy.

Waxine – As her name suggests, she has the ability to use wax against her enemies, however it she extrudes the wax from her ears.

Gutbinder – Capable of opening his own abdomen, his intestines fly out and entangle his victims, strangling them and then recoiling back into his abdomen.

Spit Bull – This pit bull looking man, catapults spit balls at his enemy.

Wreckedum – Um yeah, I’ll just let your own imagination figure out his talent.

So, what sort of unknown X-men can you think of? Post it here in the comments area, here on my site.

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