This World Has Gone to Cluck

This World Has Gone to Cluck

New England Chicken Cam

I’ve had a chicken coop now for about three months. I thought it would be something educational for my children, something fun for me and Hey! We get eggs!

Yes, all of these are true, but what I neglected to take into account was:

  • Chickens escaping (thanks to Sassy Pants – the leader)
  • Neighbors getting upset about chickens escaping
  • Did I mention chickens escaping?
  • Chickens doing the “egg song” waking the neighborhood up at 4:30 a.m. (and I don’t even have any roosters)
  • Neighbors calling the police on the chickens. (There’s nothing worse than your head hen being taken away in wing cuffs)

All craziness aside, ‘the girls’ as we affectionately call them, are awesome. In fact, they provide so much entertainment, I just had to give them an online presence. So, without further adieu, I present “New England Chicken Cam” ( for your viewing pleasure. Please, spread the word, tell your friends!

I know what your thinking, “What the cluck? Why on earth would he create a website just for his chickens?”

I figure… Why not? I had two extra webcams around and thought it would be fun. Plus my kids get a kick out of it.

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