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Be Careful When You Deal With a POS You Have to RMA

Be Careful When You Deal With a POS You Have to RMA 150 150 Jason Stadtlander

So, I was down by the DMV, thinking about an RMA that I had to deal with. A return for something that I’d bought during Xmas. The reality of it is, the RMA was for my GF that really thought it was a bunch of hooey. She said, why don’t you take that POS and give it to the FBI or the CIA, they’d be more interested in it. Of course my immediate reaction was “WTF!” Almost makes me want to drink, but then I risk getting an OUI or DUI and have to join AA.

The truth is, I don’t think the FBI or the CIA would find it as interesting as the MOS, could be interesting research. Might even take it over to MIT, they like that kind of stuff. LOL! What I really wonder is, if you have a really classy POS and don’t have a desire to let either the FBI, CIA, MIT or the MOS to see it or study it, what do you do? Go MIA? Perhaps that’s the best thing to do. If you go MIA with the POS then you don’t even have to worry about the RMA and of course UPS and the USPS don’t have to get involved. A big OMG for that!

Well, after a lot of thought, I decided the go ahead and take the RMA to UPS and let them send it to the POB. Because the last thing I need is a POS getting under my skin causing problems with the GF and making me MIA.

So if you ever have a POS that your GF, BF, PIA or SO don’t like, then just settle with the RMA and use UPS or the USPS or even Fed-ex to send it back.

End of story.


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