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Jason Stadtlander

Narrator, Writer & Producer

Paula Masterton

Announcer, Guest Voice

Paula’s unique Scottish accent comes naturally as she born with it. Living in the glorious UK, you will find Paula is comfortable behind the mic or on stage.


Nicole Negri

Announcer, Guest Voice

Nicole is a native of Massachusetts and can be heard in several of the announcements, ads and is a frequent guest character actor on The Story Portal.

Kaja Sesterhenn

Guest Voice

Kaja Sesterhenn is a German voice-over actress and puppeteer, who loves to play with her voice. After working in theaters for over 10 years, she is busy fulltime with voiceovers now, and also gives voice over courses for students in Dresden/Germany.


Carol Wyer


Carol, hailing from England, is the author of feel-good comedies and crime fiction including best-selling DI Robyn Carter series. Winner of People’s Book Prize.


Lisa R. Davis


Lisa has over 36 years of experience as a voice-over artist. Her work has stemmed from commercials, radio, and television.


Upcoming Episodes

Look for these episodes coming up on The Story Portal

  • Season 1
    • March 13: The Lantern
  • Season 2
    • Beginning April 3, we will be bringing The Steel Van Man to live on The Story Portal


The Story Portal is a (normally) weekly podcast narrated and produced by Jason. Sometimes he has special guest voices for various characters (see above in “The Voices”).

Most of the time the podcasts are single episode short stories from Jason’s collection of 250+ short stories, though occasionally he will read his books as a serial.

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