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SVM Chronicles – December 19th

SVM Chronicles – December 19th 150 150 Jason Stadtlander

What is it about the environment of my kill van that gives me peace? The smell of cleanliness. The blood of the filth that has tormented this world, has flowed through the gutters of this van. Only by passing through this vehicle is their blood cleansed and subsequently the world around us. One might think of it as a mobile garbage disposal for the betterment of the world around us. In comes a child molester, a predator, an  abuser – and out comes a more peaceful world.

Parsley SantaI am sitting here, in the captains chair of my blood bath, now cleaner than the day that it rolled off the show room floor. The smell of bleach fills my nostrils accented by the smell of the clean leather seats up front and the leather dash. 

Having already vetted Mr. Boris Pasternak I am sitting here, watching his apartment on Lynn Shore Drive. Known better to the children at the hospitals he visits as Santa Clause, I intend to show him my Santa Claws. Pasternak; it’s origins are slavik – Jewish, meaning “White Turnip” or “Parsley”. Well Mr. Parsley, your times are short. 

No matter how many people I remove from this wretched planet in an effort to cleanse, there always seems to be someone to take their place. They are like bacteria, feeding on the community like an unseen plague. Festering into a puss that must be oozed from the fabric of society. Is it ever possible to breed out this desire to harm children? I know that for some it’s unintentional, a fit of anger, a lash-out in a moment of extreme stress. But those aren’t the ones I hunt. The animals I prey on are the ones that have a self-proclaimed purpose, a methodology for their actions. A plan that they follow over long periods of time for nothing more than their own self gratification. 

Although I do enjoy my work, I am also fatigued. I am but one person trying to rid the world of so much damage. I think the holidays seem to bring it on even more. 

The hunter stared out the window as a fat jolly man stepped out of the front door on the apartment building, carrying a large beige bag, no doubt overflowing with small presents.

The sad part is, there are so many children that will be happy to see him. So many children that need that encouragement to get healthy again. Let’s think about this logically though, a fat ‘jolly’ man (who I’m sure gets nothing where he needs it), prancing around with a bunch of reindeer getting to spend time with children? It spells disaster for far too many. 

I think it’s time to chop some herbs.

The hunter put the van in drive and followed the blue Camry as it pulled out of the parking lot.

About The Steel Van Man Chronicles

The Steel Van Man is a thriller that was released in August of 2013 about a serial killer who hunts down those that abuse children. You can get the full book here. The “Chronicles” are the continuing journal of the serial killer from its point of view as it continues through its daily life.

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