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Don’t Be One Of The Imbeciles And Misetes Of America

Don’t Be One of the Imbeciles and Misetes of America

Don’t Be One of the Imbeciles and Misetes of America 259 194 Jason Stadtlander

I swore I wasn’t going to write any posts on the post election, but here it goes anyway. Let me first put this forward: I am not a Trump supporter, nor am I a Clinton supporter.

Don’t Be So Shocked

Everywhere we look in the post election front  there are two extremes, overjoyed and hateful.

I see people I have known for years spouting off that all Trump supporters are bigots, misogynists and racists. This is preposterous and insane.

I truly believe that those who voted for Trump did not vote for him because he was going to “Build a wall” or because he feels that “Mexicans are rapists” (both things that have been taken out of context by the media in my opinion – but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe them). They voted for him because they are tired of the corruption that has been our government for so long. Yes, corruption has always been part of government, perhaps as early as the founding fathers, however it has gotten deeper, stronger and clearly more prevalent in the last fifty years.

Why are is everyone so shocked that so many people came out to vote for Trump? People are tired of sticking there heads in the sand, tired of sitting on the side lines while they watch their country go in some directions they want them to go and NOT in other directions they do want them to go.

What Bothers Me Most About The Election

Although I’m not crazy about Trump being elected, that isn’t what bothers me most. What bothers me most is the fact that our president, congress and house are all now the same party. There are no checks and balances. It will be a lot easier for the president’s cabinet to pass more unilateral decisions without interference.

It’s Not Over – Stand Up and Be Heard

Canada’s Immigration website crashed on election night. Thousands of Americans were looking into how to immigrate to Canada in the haste of the outcome with Trump clearly winning the election.

I know one person very close to me that always says “Jason, you are far too impulsive. Don’t make decisions without thinking them through.” and she’s right. The same should go for our country. Don’t be so stupidly impulsive and believe that #Calexit or renouncing your citizenship is the answer.

All over Facebook people are posting “I’m giving up my citizenship!”, “I’m leaving the country.”

To this I say, “Stop being a fucking idiot and get your head out of your ass.” You want to leave the country?  Fine, good riddance! We need people in this country who will stand up for what they believe in, not a bunch of pansies who will stand by and do nothing while politicians make decisions for us. That is exactly why Trump supporters did what they did. They were fed up with something, so they made a choice to try and change it.

My family and friends that voted for Trump are not bigots, racists or misogynists. They are simply people that feel that Washington doesn’t give a shit about them. They are right, Washington doesn’t give a crap about any of us.

We are a collection of diverse people, with a variety of beliefs and ideals that we all feel strongly about. Don’t stand on the side lines. Make sure that this new administration supports what you believe in and doesn’t take action where they shouldn’t. If we don’t like where they take us, then we become irritating assholes with anyone that can get our opinion pushed through and in four years we vote someone else into power that will. In the mean time, write your congress representatives, contact your senators and DON’T EVER GIVE UP.

Here are some facts about America and if you feel strongly then do something about it!

  • 55% of Americans support same-sex marriage[1]
  • 62% say the federal government does not do enough for middle-class people [2]
  • 69% among moderate or liberal Republicans and 48% of conservative Republicans say climate scientists should have a major role in policy decisions related to the climate. [3]
  • Illegal immigration has actually declined since 2009, not increased [4]
  • Since 2003, Americans dissatisfaction with the operation of the country has gone progressively up [5]

What does this all say about America as a whole? It says that we are expanding our views on the world, progressing forward but we are not happy with the body that is controlling everything. That is the key. That is why I believe Trump supporters did what they did and I believe it’s something that Clinton supporters did not see. They did not see how much of the country was dissatisfied with current state of the union. I personally think that democrats simply stood behind the wrong candidate. Had they stood behind new blood to represent the democratic party, someone who had a fresh perspective but could maintain their views – they could have stood a very good chance of beating the republicans in the election.

So, now it is up to us as a people, like never before, to stand up and make sure that what we hold dear (the issues we believe in) are upheld.


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