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The Oath – A New President

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A while back, I submitted a story for NPR’s “All Things Considered” Three Minute Fiction contest. The story had to relate to the President of the United States, it had to show a human element, and be under 600 words.

This is one of the two stories I wrote. I loved both stories, but this one just wasn’t quite as good as the one I sent in. It was written in my mental dream world of a time when being the “President of the United States” was truly an honor and a privilege and not a theatrical presentation as it has become in the last twenty – forty years. Perhaps it has always been a dramatic presentation, and it is just my perception that has changed? I pray that what is in this story will return to the office of the President of our country. I dream that our country will learn to appreciate, love, and respect the diversity for which it was founded upon. Only then can we claim that it is “great.” It has not yet reached that. So to claim that it can return to greatness is an illusion, in my opinion.

The Oath

The young man in a dark suit, wearing an earpiece stepped forward. “Senator Reddington, we’re ready for you.”

Jared Reddington hugged both his boys and his wife then proceeded around the corner and down the steps of the U.S. Capitol, family in tow. He looked over at his wife as she held his hand and for a brief moment, time froze. Gina, the girl he’d met twenty-three years earlier, the woman who had walked down the aisle with him fifteen years ago next month, looked more beautiful now than she had that day. For a fleeting moment, there was no crowd talking and cheering, no camera crews, no secret service lining the steps—only Jared and Gina Reddington and their two sons walking down the steps of the historic building in Washington, D.C., stepping into the pages of history.

Only hours before, Jared had attended a service with his family at the Foundry Methodist Church. The pastor had spoken afterwards to Jared explaining that God had helped the people of the United States to make the right choice and in doing so, had chosen him.

Had chosen him. The words echoed through Jared’s mind even now as he walked down the steps. How can they know I will make the right choices? How can they be certain I will do the right thing when the most critical of times calls for it?

Five steps down toward the mezzanine level, Jared portrayed the solidity, confidence and self-assurance expected of someone chosen for the office. Time and again, however, he had second- guessed his own capabilities. He knew he was flawed, that he had baggage unknown to everyone but himself—he knew it all—but the country had spoken and elected him with an unprecedented 76.3% lead over his opponent.

An inner voice seeking to be heard urged Jared to stop and caution the crowd. “I am only human. Please just don’t forget—I’m human.” But the voice was silenced.

Jared looked over at his wife again, then back at his eldest son Devon.  At only ten years of age, his older boy looked so sure of himself, so solid. Jared knew this was an act, one his perceptive son had learned early on.

Stephen, his youngest, made no attempt to hide his emotions and looked outright scared to death. Jared reached around his younger son’s shoulders, easing him closer. Grasping Stephen’s nervous hand, he reassured him. “It’ll be okay, son.” As if on cue, Stephen pasted his best fake smile across his face and looked forward, saying nothing.

Lessons learned early by a senator’s son.

When the four stepped down onto the mezzanine level, the crowd cheered. Still clasping Stephen’s small hand in his own, Jared held up his free hand in response as a thank-you, drawing even more cheer. When the cheering subsided, Gina walked over and whispered in her husband’s ear. “I believe in you. We all believe in you. Now git ‘er done.”  That last tag had been a personal joke between them that had eased any tension and always brought a smile to his face.

So here Jared stood, facing John G. Roberts, Jr., repeating the words that many before him had spoken. “I, Jared Henry Reddington, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

“ . . . to the best of my ability,” Jared continued in his head. “Please, don’t let me screw this up.”

The Story Portal

Inside The Story Portal – Podcast Series

Inside The Story Portal – Podcast Series 1024 1024 Jason Stadtlander
The Story Portal

Look for this logo in your podcast app

Two weeks ago I launched my new podcast series “The Story Portal”. I thought I’d take a moment and just fill you in on what it’s all about.

Over my life, I’ve written somewhere around 300 short stories (and I’m always writing more). They range from sci-fi to thriller, to horror and even romantic comedy. Now, although I have submitted many of my stories to magazines, newspapers, and of course I have my anthology Ruins of the Mind coming out next year – the reality is, most of these stories would normally never reach the world.

I have been wanting to practice my narration skills and a weekly podcast seemed like a great way to bring these stories to you while giving you a little entertainment along the way. Each episode averages 25-40 minutes depending on the length of the story  – the perfect length to listen to on a commute. I happen to know that some upcoming episodes might be as short as fifteen minutes.

At the beginning of each episode, I always try to take a moment and tell you a little about how the story came to be and why I wrote it.

Currently, I have two episodes out there; Surviving the Messengers and The Glass Pyramid (both from Ruins of the Mind).  If there is a story of mine you’d really like to hear, just let me know and I’ll record it for you. I may even end up reading my books a chapter at a time at some point in the near future.

Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast listening app to hear all of the episodes each week and I hope to hear from you! Let me know what you think, it means a lot to hear what my listeners (and readers) feel about my work (positive OR negative).

You can listen and subscribe to my podcasts directly on my website at http://podcast.jasonstadtlander.com or on any of these audio apps:

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