Appreciating what our country was founded on

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Appreciating what our country was founded on

Appreciating what our country was founded on 150 150 Jason Stadtlander

I was standing in line today at the doctor’s office and an older man was giving this receptionist a hard time. It was such a beautiful day, sun was shining out and it was early, perhaps 8:00 a.m. and this guy was going on about how his appointment was at a suite in 7F and all he could find was 7E. The receptionist who I believe might have been from Dominican Republic goes on to tell him that there is no suite 7F and he most likely read it wrong since the person he is seeing is at this office anyway.

Then he complains that he can’t understand what she is saying anyway and she should learn to speak English. I am a voice actor and very familiar with accents, so I can personally vouch that she spoke perfect English, he was just being an ass. So I said to him, “How long have you lived in the United States?”

To which he proudly replies, “All my life, three generations American.”

I said, “And how would your great-great-grandfather or grandmother feel if they knew how you just talked to someone who spoke perfect English but had recently immigrated to the United States.”

“I don’t need to be lectured by you sonny, it’s none of your business.” he replied and stormed off to the waiting room.

 The truth is…



This country was founded on the ideals and principles of people coming to make a better life for themselves. To gain a richer more full life for their families and to be appreciated for the diversity, not ridiculed for it. Being married to an immigrant (having children that are half Portuguese), and having countless friends who have moved here from other countries it angers me that people can be so shallow.

I fail to understand how immigrants who have fought, some through very hard times to come to the United States and make a better life can go on to have children. Then grandchildren, who can then go and ridicule the very people who represent the determination that their own ancestors made in coming here.

Forgetful society

Fighting for our CountryI’m not trying to do a soapbox speech, but I think that many people need to remember where we have come from. Mistakes that have been made, and blood, sweat and tears that have been shed along the way. Some of us forget the impact that our ancestors made in our very own lives taking the chance to move to a foreign land where they might speak a language and have laws that they don’t even understand. Furthermore, some people tend to forget what we have fought for, what our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters are out there fighting for. They aren’t fighting for a flag or a government. They are fighting for the United States of America. Fighting to maintain a country that others can continue to admire and look to when freedom is needed from their own oppression.


What are your thoughts?

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