PFP (Ode) Ode to Kitty

PFP (Ode) Ode to Kitty 1024 713 Jason Stadtlander

“Ode to Kitty” Oh my kitty, how you fascinate the mind Your quiet moments in time do rewind The gentle…

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Father and Son

PFP (Sonnet) The Benevolent Son

PFP (Sonnet) The Benevolent Son 1024 681 Jason Stadtlander

“The Benevolent Son” Tho new upon this world you came in love You showed me that the white clouds were…

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PFP (Elegy) Legacy of an Artist

PFP (Elegy) Legacy of an Artist 900 360 Jason Stadtlander

“Legacy of an Artist” The brush, what soft lines you have created in stroke Your voice, trompe-l’œil at masters hand…

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PFP (Ballade) Brotherhood

PFP (Ballade) Brotherhood 680 510 Jason Stadtlander

“Brotherhood” The small boys walk to the edge Staring at forever stretched beyond And small tho they be, they both…

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PFP (Acrostic) First Moments of Fatherhood

PFP (Acrostic) First Moments of Fatherhood 1536 2048 Jason Stadtlander

“First Moments of Fatherhood” In the hallowed warmth of blankets he lays swaddled, Warm and still in the first moments…

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PFP (ABC) The Hawk

PFP (ABC) The Hawk 900 586 Jason Stadtlander

“The Hawk” Aloft on the wind I fly Breathing the fresh, cool air Careening from side to side Diving, I…

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Poetry Form Practice (PFP) – You be the judge!

Poetry Form Practice (PFP) – You be the judge! 400 299 Jason Stadtlander

I have decided that I’m going to focus for a while on poetry form, something I have not done for…

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The Horses

The Horses 1000 665 Jason Stadtlander

Seas of the night for the horses to raze
Darkness succeeds but seldom is won
Holding its grip returning when done
For when light is now gone, what is left is the stark
And the horses alone stand await in the dark.

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Blood and Water

Blood and Water 150 150 Jason Stadtlander

The blood pumps in your veins And keeps you alive; From the family you came It’s all that survives. What now…

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Unapologetic 150 150 Jason Stadtlander

For years I apologized
For whole I am, who I was

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