Screw the Snow!

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Screw the Snow!

Screw the Snow! 150 150 Jason Stadtlander

MBTA Map - Winter 2015To and fro, there are canyons of snow that I see
The cold I can handle, but snow? Let me be!
Piles and piles for as far as I view
Winter of 2015, be gone with you!

From Boston to Worcester, just too much white
I stare at my shovel and shiver in fright.
Another ten inches forecasts the panel,
I’m ready to cancel the lame weather channel.

I prayed for the snow, I hoped that it’d come
Now I bury my head and just want for the sun.
But if the sun hits too quick and too warm
We’ll have to swim home with the melt off that forms.

Where will we put another ten inches?
Maybe it’s a nightmare, all I need are some pinches.
No, the snow is as real as the ice on my roof
It too will cave, showing logical proof.

That we cannot handle one more flake or a flurry
Let’s just throw in the towel and move south in a hurry.
Ok, Queen Elsa, you can stop with your snow
Kiss your sister and end this, or suffer the blow.

Every where I look I hope for a pardon
The T is a mess as well as the Garden.
The roads are a joke, full of snow and black ice
Pedestrians walk, getting splashed once or twice

The drifts are up to the Citgo sign
As people in Kenmore, sit there and whine.
Screw the snow! They all yell at the sky in dismay
Even Walsh is pissed off and just wants to play.

But what can we do as ten inches begin
But sit on our butts and pray for the spring.
Hope for this winter to end in no pain
And pray that we won’t soon get a warm rain.


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