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Father and Son

PFP (Sonnet) The Benevolent Son

PFP (Sonnet) The Benevolent Son 1024 681 Jason Stadtlander

“The Benevolent Son”

Tho new upon this world you came in love
You showed me that the white clouds were parted
As new breath came in your lungs it started
If touched by you, a person holds the dove

You show us truth and ways to see above
Kindly, your conduct incites bighearted
Showing those around you, love restarted
Bereft of anger, your soft words speak of

As a youth, you guided with your actions
Showing me how to give to those in need
Stating “Daddy, give her a dollar please?”
I was surprised by your benefactions 
Proud to call you my son, through each good deed
United, father and son, friends in ease

About This Poetry Form

Name: Sonnet (Italian)
Description: A Sonnet is a poem of an expressive thought or idea made up of 14 lines, each being 10 syllables long. Its rhymes are arranged according to one of the schemes – Italian, where eight lines called an octave consisting of two quatrains which normally open the poem as the question are followed by six lines called a “sestet” that are the answer, or the more common English which is three quatrains followed by a rhyming couplet.

This particular poem is about my youngest son and is an Italian Sonnet which follows the form abbaabbacdecde (each letter representing a line). Each of the corresponding lines will rhyme with the last word with each line being 10 syllables long.

About This Series

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PFP (Acrostic) First Moments of Fatherhood

PFP (Acrostic) First Moments of Fatherhood 1536 2048 Jason Stadtlander

“First Moments of Fatherhood”

In the hallowed warmth of blankets he lays swaddled,
Warm and still in the first moments of life.
Bundled in blue and white wrappings,
Can such a beautiful thing be possible?
I am at a loss for words, I am mesmerized,
I gaze at the wonder of this human in my arms.
Gentle dawn of life, this singular soul I have helped create.
I feel alterity, isolated in an unbreachable moment of time, I hold my boy.
As his small eyes flutter behind new eyelids, he dreams of what?
My son and I are solitary in this moment,
Held in a point I want to cradle forever.
I feel and I am devoid of thought, for in this moment
I do not remember the past or care about the future.
Surpassing intrigue, time itself slows, as I hold my son for the first time.

About This Poetry Form

Name: Acrostic Poetry
Description: An acrostic poem is a type of poetry where the first, last or other letters in a line spell out a particular word or phrase. The most common and simple form of an acrostic poem is where the first letters of each line spell out the word or phrase. In this particular poem you will find who I am devoting this poem to by incrementing a letter on each line from the beginning going down.

About This Series

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A Father’s Letter to His Son

A Father’s Letter to His Son 150 150 Jason Stadtlander

My Dear Son,

My life changed forever on that beautiful day in the hospital when you first came into my life. I looked down into your amazing blue eyes and you stared back up at mine and I was hypnotized, mesmerized by a life that I had helped to create. There should have been a fear of the awesome responsibility that I was facing, but the fear was not there. Just the magic of that singular moment. A moment that I have since looked back on many times and a moment that has brought me strength in recent years.

10846165_890746024282985_6486500675104009361_nI know that some of the decisions I have made may not make sense to you now and they may not make sense to you for a long time. But understand that those decisions have always been with you and your brother in mind. I have never missed a school event and never missed a game if I can help it. I may not be in many photos with you, but that’s only because I’ve always been the one behind the camera and cheering you on.

I know that this past year has been particularly trying for all of us and you and your brother have both had doubts, concerns and frustrations. Please know my son, I have only two goals in my life that truly matter and I will never, ever stop until they are reached; That is to ensure that you and your brother grow to be strong, healthy and intelligent men. Men that people can look up to and respect, men that in turn respect those around them and think before they act.

I am not perfect and I never professed to be, but my love for you is perfect, as is your love for me. You are well mannered, kind, respectful and oh-so-silly. I may not be the perfect father, but I pray to God day after day, night after night, that I may be your perfect dad.


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