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PFP (ABC) The Hawk

PFP (ABC) The Hawk 900 586 Jason Stadtlander

“The Hawk”

Aloft on the wind I fly
Breathing the fresh, cool air
Careening from side to side
Diving, I accelerate and snap my wings open
The air is my paint and I am the brush as I delicately construct my art


About This Poetry Form

Name: ABC Form
Description: An ABC composition is the kind of poem where every word starts with a consecutive letter of the alphabet.

About This Series

I have decided that I’m going to focus for a while on poetry form, something I have not done for a long time. There are generally 55 main accepted forms of poetry in modern literature. Some I have written in before, some I was not even aware they existed.

My plan is to go through each form and write a poem. What I would like from you is to take a moment and read each of the poems, then rate them. At the bottom of each post you’ll see 5 stars that you can rate it with. Leave your comments at the bottom. After I have gone through all 55 forms, I’ll pick the top ten rated poems and submit them to literary magazines, all thanks to your guidance!

Maybe you like the content but not the form? Maybe you like the form but not the subject? It’s all good! I’d just love to hear your thoughts. You can find everything in this series here. I will publish my first poem this morning at 8:30am.


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