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The Horses

The Horses 1000 665 Jason Stadtlander

Dreams of the horses which ride on the waves

Seas of the night for the horses to raze
Darkness succeeds but seldom is won
Holding its grip returning when done
For when light is now gone, what is left is the stark
And the horses alone stand await in the dark.

Reality brews the harshness of truth
Steeping day after day providing the proof
Time unravels our lives in the grey
Providing the illusion that we know the way
But the world will evolve unraveling thread
And the horses will run staying ahead.

Imagination provides us the host for the cast
A chance for future and dreams that could last
It’s nothing but clouds floating about
Hoping for substance to keep the dark out
Sometimes it leads down a new path
And the horses will follow, closing the gap.

The day is the truth, raw and so clear
Showing the light no matter how near
For the light is the life and the blood as it flows
Following darkness and ebbing the woes
The day is the light and the life that is new
And the horses will stand, examining you.

When the night is what’s left, when all else has gone
As pictures are painted and sketches are drawn
In your mind all alone, these images breath
Not night but the day and all that is free
For reality is all what is left in the end
The horses are free and running again.

The dreams of reality are imagination that’s true, 
But the day and the night return me to you
One last breath and I look deep in your eyes
As the horses raise me and carry me up into the skies.

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