The Covenant of Joseph

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The Covenant of Joseph

The Covenant of Joseph 150 150 Jason Stadtlander

The woman I love has been with child from another. Uncertain how to feel, uncertain what to do.

That is until I see your face. A father’s love, the father’s gaze. As I hold you in my arms, I know the truth. For looking into your eyes, the purity in the beauty. The fact that you are not my son, but the son of my father.

The enormous responsibility weighs on my mind. Looking into this beautiful baby’s face, not that of my blood but that of the face of God. Why did you choose us? What can we possibly give for the son of God? I vow to you my son, that I will teach you and guide you and love you. I promise to you oh Lord that I will show you what a loving father is. Holding my wife’s hand, we will help you grow and nurture you. So that you may one day lead us to a salvation that we hope exists. Jesus my son, Jesus my King, Jesus my Lord from Heaven.

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