Hilarious Author, Carol E. Wyer puts Jason in the Spotlight!

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Jason in the Spotlight!

“I am all of a fluster today and have even put on make up. My knees have just turned to jelly and I have, according to Hubby got a very “high colour”! Why? Well, opposite me is *gulp* Jason P. Stadtlander. (Even his name makes him sound like a superstar).

Jason is a sci-fi/horror/suspense author and is currently working on not one but four novels. I understand that one is semi-erotic (Whoops, I have gone all flushed again.)
Jason, a very warm (has someone turned up the heat in here?) welcome to you. I am very glad you agreed to come on to my blog today. I have a few easy, rapid fire questions for you, just to get you comfortable. Ready?”

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