Humanity and the Singular Existence

For tens of thousands of years, we have struggled as a species, to exist, to progress and to evolve. Yet, we seem to be tied to one single limitation, the shortness of our existence.

Sad, But True:

We may not like to think about it, but a human life is so short. It may last, at most eighty, maybe a hundred years if you’re lucky. There are so many factors against us in terms of survival; disease, condition of our body and mind, genetics, environment, etc. The list is endless.

In a singular existence, we have a single mind. One which interacts with everyone around it, through the use of the five senses; sound, smell, touch, sight and taste. If you think about it, it is an extremely limited method of input. Though we can vaguely perceive time, we really only have those five senses to interpret our world around us. We spend our time in this life from the time we are born, taking in everything around us and in turn teaching what we have learned to others. The growth as a species and society is something that is incredibly slow because of this process. Only with the advent of technology that allows us to share information instantly, has it become easier to learn, absorb and reach a higher potential.

However, there was something unique about the way that we learned for millenia. We were born, grew up and taught others what we knew through talking and direct interaction as well as writing. Now, more and more we are allowing technology to overcome person to person interactions. I’m not saying we shouldn’t use technology, what I’m saying is there should be a balance.

One other thought concerning our current technological developments. Our ability to transmit information to each other still remains sight, sound, and touch (so far I don’t know of a technology that lets us transmit via smell or taste). So we are still limited to learning things through our eyeballs, ears and communicating back through our fingertips (keyboard).

Exponential Growth as a Society

One question I pose, if we had the ability to communicate, teach and relay information with each other instantly with our minds, rather than the limited inputs of our eyes, ears and nose… would it advance society rapidly? Would we gain the ability to interact with each other yet retain that instant need to relay information?

It is a lonely existence, being human. Some people can deal with that existence fine. Other’s spend their lives trying to connect with other people… to at least make the loneliness bearable.

What are your thoughts?

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