POEM: The Dreams That Once Were

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POEM: The Dreams That Once Were

POEM: The Dreams That Once Were 150 150 Jason Stadtlander

by Jason P. Stadtlander


The dreams that are shattered and the dreams that will be
Are never the dreams that were meant for me.
They follow the the path of leastest resistance
Feeding the pain in endless consistence.

I care not for the end of what future holds
For preference of sleep eternal unfolds.
The breath of my lungs and beat of my heart
Pound out the rhythm for every start.

From every start to every end
The numbness and prison from which I must bend.
Following paths regardless of action
Forcing the bridle to make it’s attraction.

Fuck this life, and the dreams for which I have told
Each day is a headache and fruitless to hold.
For it ends at this moment as life drips out
Leaving behind the hopeless and doubt.

And behind what is left of the dreams I once held?
Nothing but darkness and flowers I once smelled.
Flowers I smelled and darkness…


  • Well written. Feel the raw emotion. (Friend of Linda)

  • Jason, so glad you posted this- darkness shared makes it less scary, I believe.

  • Hopefully, this comes from a different fountain than found on a recent path.
    Some of us have seen those darker paths and that if one continues it can lead to a better side of the forest.

    • Jason P. Stadtlander June 9, 2014 at 9:43 am

      Bill, it’s just part of my balance. Can’t have light without dark, can’t have good without bad. I have ups and downs, but this is something I wrote a while back when I down felt really down. I have lots of dark poems and lots of light poems. I just liked the power in this one.

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