Just Surviving

Just Surviving

Just Surviving 150 150 Jason Stadtlander

The beat of my heart
The sound of the dark
A pounding reverberates from deep inside
Throbbing my ears and welling up tears
Feeling the moment alone in the dark
The loneliness snares leaving its mark

Where do we go when nothing is left
When what was is not now
And what will is no more
The tumultuous waters which leave from the shore
Carry us, churn us and muddle inside
Leaving a path of separate divide

For the past is the past and cannot be undone
The future to hold cannot be unspun
A thread we are given
A thread we will take
Living our life, surviving the wake
And when that thread breaks
When nothing is left
What then can we do, but cower and quake

To exist in this limbo with ‘normal’ around
People walk through their lives and don’t notice my sound
I’m part of the scenery, barely survive
Wanting to be, but scarcely alive

Who am I but your background
A life I once lived
Now dying alone
A fate I forgive

For the line is drawn and I am raddled
Forward I ride as the horses are saddled
And on I must trot to whatever may be
To a different life to set my soul free

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