Typhoons, Earthquakes and War… Oh my!

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Typhoons, Earthquakes and War… Oh my!

Typhoons, Earthquakes and War… Oh my! 150 150 Jason Stadtlander

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Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan

The Raw Facts

Typhoon Haiyan is being described as a Super Typhoon, having obliterated most of the city of Tacloban in the Philippines as well as numerous neighboring towns and villages. Death tolls are expected to be well over 10,000.

In World War II over 60 million people were killed and at least 10 million of those that died were Jewish during the Holocaust.

In 1960, Chili experienced the largest recorded earthquake in history, registering 9.5 on the Richter scale. It killed 1,655 people, left 3,000 injured and 2,000,000 homeless.


What do these three circumstances have in common? Well, the primary commonality that is easy to see is that they all have death tolls. Two of these circumstances, we had no control over and the one man-made problem (World War II) was in a nutshell based on differences of opinion and belief.

Caring for othersOne other commonality that you may not initially see is the fact that with each of these – people came out of the woodwork to try and help one another. Whether it was for disaster relief, troops to fight with or groups of people to help rebuild torn communities. As I write this, even now, the world is just starting to coordinate efforts to help the Philippines.

Two things that are common with all of us humans:

1. We all have our own beliefs and we rarely (if ever) mutually agree world wide on a single idea.
2. For as much hate as there is in the world, there is often as much if not more people that care and want to help others.

Can a World Divided Really Ever be United?

This leads me to my ultimate question that I was getting at here… Can a world with so many different beliefs, so many concepts of peace, religion, politics, differences of opinion, really ever be truly united in a “Single World Society”?

Think about it. Don’t just think about the U.S. or the U.K. or even India and China. Think about the billions of others out there, living in tiny villages that have never heard of a telephone, much less the Internet. There are societies out there that have no idea that this whole other modern world even exists out there. They have no idea that their very survival could fall in the hands of someone – a culture or a country that they have never even heard of. How can we or any other group of people really presume to assume control of the entire world as a unified people without actually consulting everyone on the planet?

The seas (and I’m talking metaphorically here) that we must bridge in beliefs, politics, cultures, tradition, religion, etc. are so vast spread across so many people that the concept of a world government is almost unfathomable. So… Do you really believe we can ever have that? And yes, ‘ever’ is a long time. I’m not just talking decades, I’m talking centuries or even thousands of years.



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